Happy DADDY’s Day!!

Hi kawan2!!

Kawan tau tak harini hari ape?hehee… Harini 20th June 2010 adalah Father’s Day… Semalam kat playgroup Alimkids (nnt Harris buat lagi 1 entry utk cite pasal Alimkids), anyway, teacher Fatin cakap smlm, kite celebrate Father’s Day ni utk say THANK YOU utk daddy kite… so Harris amik kesempatan ni utk say thank you to Daddy.. Harris sayang Daddy.. and Harris sorry kalo Harris ade nakal2.. ;p

Ni gambar semalam Harris buat special project specially utk Daddy.. Harap2 Daddy suke.. Harris scoop sendiri tau cashew nuts tu masuk dalam plastic.. Mummy tlg ikat ribbon je.. hehee… Mmmuuaahhh Daddy.. Harris loves u sooo much!

Happy Daddy’s Day



~by Mummy


2 Responses to “Happy DADDY’s Day!!”

  1. yzma Says:

    i tgh surf more information about alimkids playgroup & found your blog. Just nak tau is your plagroup is at Saujana Impian Kajang. If yes, can I have the contact number for Alim Kid Playgroup. Thanks email me at iezma_madzinyahoo.com

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